Formatting Check Address


When printing checks, you want your address to display a certain way.

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Go to Administration->Setup->Business Partners->Address Formats
  2. Find an existing template by switching to Find mode (CTRL +F) or add a new template by creating a new Name
  3. This will bring up a window where you can manipulate the address display as you please by clicking on the appropriate box (if you need additional rows, right-click and select "Add Row")
    1. The selection to the right shows you what you can pull in from the Business Partner, if filled out. You can also add in spaces, if necessary
    2. The individual blocks are the orientation of how the information will look on the check
    3. You can preview how the address will display on the check below the boxes
  4. Bring up a Business Partner in Business Partners->Business Partner Master Data
  5. Switch to the Address tab and select the default Pay to or Bill to address
  6. You can enter all the information to be pulled in here (Please see Note below)
  7. Save all changes

Your checks should now display in the format you've created.

Note: We have renamed titles in the Business Partner, therefore it should not conform with what you see in the Address Formats - Setup window. To see the original name that will correlate with the setup window, hold down CTRL and double click on the title. For example, hold down CTRL and double click on Address Line 1 will bring up a new window that tells you the original name was Street / PO Box, which is what you see in the Address Formats - Setup window.




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