Limit Discounts on Documents


It's sometimes necessary to limit the discount that can be apply to a sales, purchasing, product, etc. documents by a certain user. 


Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Administration->System Initialization->Authorizations->General Authorizations
  2. Find the user you want to impose a discount limit on and highlight their user code
  3. Edit anyone of the three fields (Sales, Purchase, General) to the percentage you wish to limit it to
  4. You can also choose to set a limit on the amount of cash that user can receive on an incoming payment by checking the 'Max. Cash Amount for Incoming Payments' checkbox and then setting that dollar amount
  5. Click Update to apply the changes.


Now whenever that user tries to apply a discount larger than the limit set, they will receive the following error:


You will need to have the proper permissions to be able to make changes to authorizations (i.e. a regular or superuser)




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