Change Document Cancellation Date


Many times when you create documents, you make a mistake and need to cancel the document and re-create it. However, when you cancel the document, you see a "Cancellation is not possible; posting date exceeds limit of 0 days allowed for cancellation" message. This is due to a setting in the system that has set the number of days you have before you are allow to cancel a document begin set to 0 (the number of days will vary depending on the posting and current date). This can be changed to any number of days you wish to allow you to cancel that document.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Administration->System Initialization->Document Settings
  2. Go to the the General Tab
  3. In the field labeled "Max. No. of Days for Cancelling Marketing Documents Before or After Posting", change that to a desired number and click Update.
That should now allow you to cancel the document (as long as the number of days exceeds the difference between today and the posting date).


You may wish to discuss internally what the proper number of days for cancellation is.




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