Change and Access Log


When auditing your database, it can be useful to know who has been accessing the system and who has made changes to documents and/or settings.

Step-by-step guide

Change Log:  NOTE: some areas do not have Change Log available.

  1. Bring up the document or setting you want to see changes for (e.g. A/P Invoice)
  2. In the Menu bar, click on Tools and then Change Log
  3. The Change Log will show you the instance from earliest to latest. It will also show you when it was updated and by whom
  4. If you click on the previous Instance and click the Show Differences button, you can see what value was changed
  5. Furthermore, you can double-click on a specific row in the first column, #, and it will show you the document or setting for that instance

Access Log:

  1. In the Menu bar, click on Tools and then Access Log
  2. The columns contain varying types of information about the logon
  3. You can sort by a specific column by double-clicking on it
  4. You can also double click on a specific row and it will show you even more details, if applicable 

Note: Although most do, not every document or setting will have a change log.





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