Is there a way that I can change the default landing field from vendor code to vendor name in the AP invoice screen?


From within Orchestrated software, it is possible to change the default landing field from vendor code to vendor name on the AP invoice Screen 


Step By Step Guide

When you open a document, immediately click tab.
This opens the vendor selection window.

- normally, the code field is on the far left, so if you start typing the vendor's name, you won't find it (the search box is looking through the first column).

So, go into Form Settings at the top of the screen on the toolbar. The icon looks like a piece of paper with a gear.

Once you have Form Settings open, swap the Vendor Code and Name, so that Vendor Name is the first field, and then Vendor code is next. You can add other fields too, if they are helpful to find vendors (state, phone, etc.)

Click Ok/Save.

Then close the document and start over.

Now, when you open it and click tab, that same window opens with all vendors. But now, the name is on the left. So you can just start typing their name, and it will select them from the list.

Click Enter and you've select the Vendor without having to touch the mouse to click into the Vendor Name field first.



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