How do I pay for items with freight before actually receiving them?


Occasionally, customers will need to pay for items and freight before actually receiving the physical items. There are two ways to solve this within Orchestrated.


Method 1

Creating two separate AP down payment invoices, one for the hops and the other as a service for the freight. 


Method 2

When you are creating the Down Payment, you can change the "Total Payment Due" field to include the cost of your freight. This will let you put down a larger Down Payment to cover the cost of freight. It won't specifically show that the extra cost is for freight, but you can put a note in the Remarks field saying why you paid more than the total.


If you add the freight on your Goods Receipt PO, then it should pull in the full down payment amount when you copy to the A/P Invoice. If not, then you will just need to drill in to the Down Payment Amount on the Invoice after adding your freight and change the applied amount to be the full total.




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