Disassemble (Reverse) a Production Order

The below video will show how to undo production orders that we incorrect when processed.



A simple solution to undo production orders that were processed incorrectly.



This solution will take any production order that has been created and processed and reverse the transaction. To keep linkage and TTB reporting accurate, the express disassemble function uses the standard Orchestrated process, but does it for you behind the scenes including assigning the appropriate batch ids.

Important Note: If you are disassembling a 'Barrel Mgmt' production order, the entire quantity of the barrels produced must be in the original receiving warehouse.


Details / How-To

Simply open the production order in question, right-click your mouse in the top portion and select Disassemble. Yup... that easy.

Two items to note, at the bottom of the disassembled production order and the disassembly production order is a reference to one another (Fig. 1) and in the Production Worksheets, disassembly PdOs have been highlighted with an 'X'

Fig 1.



After you disassemble the Production Order, you will want to recreate it. You can drill into the original Production Order, right click and select "Duplicate." Ensure your information is still accurate & Add that Production Order.





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    can I dissemble a closed production order?