Alert - Warehouse without Location Set


This alert notifies a user when a warehouse has not been set to a specific location.

Purpose of the Alert:

Locations are extremely valuable for filtering, for TTB reporting, and to assist in segmentation multiple locations. Imagine you have more than one brewing location and someone created a new warehouse, but forgot the set the location, it may not show up properly in several locations throughout the system.


Set this alert to run every morning.

Example Results / Scenario:

The query will display a list of warehouses are defined as either Brewhouse, Fermenter, Bright Tank, Finished Good, or Uni Tank, but do not have a location value set.


/* Warehouses Without a location
 Alert for Warehouses with a Tank Type that do not have a location
 Select T0.WhsCode
    , T0.WhsName
    , T1.[Location] AS 'Location '
    , Case (T0.U_ORC_BE_WhseType)
        When 'BH' Then 'Brew House'
        When 'FG' Then 'Finished Goods'
        When 'BT' Then 'Bright Tank'
        When 'FV' Then 'Fermenter'
        When 'U' Then 'Uni Tank'
        Else 'NA'
        End AS 'Warehouse Type'
From OWHS T0
Left Join OLCT T1
ON T1.[Code] = T0.[Location]
Where T0.U_ORC_BE_WhseType IN ('BH', 'FG', 'BT', 'FV', 'U')
    AND (T0.Location IS NULL OR T0.[Location] = '-1')
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