Pack Types


Pack Types in Orchestrated involves both a table that stores all the possible Pack Types and the Pack Type selection field on the Item Master. For many Orchestrated reports and screens to operate effectively, you need to have the Pack Types set up correctly on all item master data.

Many new reports and screens rely on the new Pack Types in Orchestrated 3.0, so you should plan to update your existing items to use the new Pack Types as soon as possible.


Columns in the Pack Type Table

The Pack Type Table in Orchestrated has new columns to enable additional reporting metrics. New fields include

    • Hectoliters
    • Weight
    • Case Equivalent
    • Pallet Spot Quantity


Pack Type records

Orchestrated will automatically create new Pack Types in your Pack Type table. We added new pack types to the table based on best practices from existing customers and the new reports that have been built for Orchestrated.


Formerly, pack types had codes such as 20005 for a 1/2 BBL Keg. Now in Orchestrated, the code is K12 instead of 20005.

Another example: 10005 was the old code for 4/6/12 case of bottles. The new code for that pack type is B4612

Below in the Details section you will find instructions on how you can update your items to utilize these new more descriptive Pack Types.


New Location of Pack Type Field on Item Master

The Pack Type selection field on the item master has been moved from the UDF window to the header of the Item Master Data screen.



Launching the Pack Type Table

The Pack Type table is a User Defined Table, so it can be accessed by navigating to: Menu Bar > Tools > User Defined Windows > ORC_BE_Pack_Type 

Screenshot of the Pack Type Table







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