Print multiple documents in a batch


If you want to print multiple documents in a batch, rather than one at a time, you can use the Document Printing screen.  This is most commonly helpful for check printing, but can be used for any document you're able to print.


Step-By-Step Guide

Document Printing can be found in multiple places in the Main Menu. It is found under Sales, Purchasing, and Banking.

  1. Open the Document Printing Screen by clicking the link in the menu
  2. Input the parameters for the type of document you want to print and the date range, etc.
  3. Click OK
    1. This brings up a list of all documents that match your filters on the previous screen
  4. Highlight the rows you want to print
    1. You can select all by clicking the the first row and then holding SHIFT and clicking the last row
    2. You can uncheck rows or select only certain rows by CTRL+Click
  5. Click Print
    1. This opens the windows printing screen where you choose your printer, etc.


Note: Document Printing is most commonly used for printing checks, but can be used to print nearly all documents in Orchestrated.



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