Price List Utility

The following video will show how to use the Price List Management Utility in Orchestrated: 


A simple excel-based tool to help you manage your price lists.


Price lists control what shows up as a default price in your sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, and ap invoices. Generally, you have a separate price list for each customer and possibly for each supplier. Managing those prices can be cumbersome. With the Price List Update Utility, managing prices across multiple lists is a breeze.   


Using the Price List Utility

Launch Price List Utility (Utilities > Price List Utility)


New List:

This function is used to create a brand new price list in your database.

  1. Click on the New List button up in your toolbar area (see first image.) There will be a small window that pops up, asking you what you would like to name this new price list.
  2. Type in the new price list’s name and hit Add.



Rename List:

This function is used to change the name of an already existing price list in your database.

  1. Click on the Rename List button up in your tool bar area. There will be a small window that pops up, asking you for choose the list you are trying to update and what you would like to update it to. The utility gives you a drop-down menu to choose from the price lists already in your system.
  2. Once you have chosen a price list and typed in the new name for it, hit Rename.



List Pricing:

 This function is used to audit, update, and add new prices to items in your database.

  1. Click on the List Pricing button up in your tool bar area. There will be a Price List Matrix Builder window that pops up. This window will allow you to bring on the different price lists and items that you’d like to see populate.  



  1. Work your way down the window, starting with price lists. You can bring on one price list at a time, by selecting it from the drop-down list and clicking Add. You can also add all price lists by clicking on the Add All button to the far right of the window. 


  1. Once you have added the desired price lists (which you will see populate in the background as columns) – its time to choose the items you need to list pricing for. There are a few options for adding items. You can add them Item Group, Brand, and/or by Pack Size


  1. Once you have all of the items that you need on your screen, click Done. This will pull any pricing information for those items on the specific price lists you selected. 


  1. Update pricing data as needed. Once the needed prices have been updated, click the Send to Orchestrated button up in your tool bar area. This will send the price updates back into your system. SALESTASK122NR.png


List Assignment:

 This function is used to audit and update price list assignments for your business partners.  

  1. Click on the List Assignment button up in your tool bar area. This will populate all of your existing business partners and their current price list assignments your system. 


  1. Update any business partner’s assigned price list as needed. The “Change Price List To:”column has a drop-down menu to show all of the available price lists. As you make changes, the row will change color.



  1. Once all needed changes have been made, click on Send to Orchestrated up in your toolbar area.









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