GL Determination Utility

 The below video demonstrates how to use the G/L determination Utility within Orchestrated.



A simple tool used to assist in the maintenance of GL determinations for items, item groups, and warehouses.



GL Determinations are what control the accounting transactions within Orchestrated. These can be set at the item group (most common), warehouse, or item level for specific items. This utility assists in the maintenance of this process.  


Update to Video

Please note that there have been updates to this utility since this tutorial was originally created. At about 1 minute into the video, you'll be instructed to use the 'Get Orchestrated Data' icon in the menu ribbon; however, that button has now been replaced by the dropdown option for 'Manage Determination Settings' next to the green database icon, shown below. This icon will now be used to pull data from Orchestrated into the utility.






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