Budget Creation Utility


Budgets are an integral part of any business, its where you plan what you are going to spend and what you will receive. OBeer has P&Ls that leverage the budget mechanism. To make creating and maintaining budgets easier, the Budget Creation Utility was developed. 


To use the Budget Utility tool, do the following: 

Step 1 – Select G/L accounts for budget utility tool; Financials>Chart of Accounts

  • Select the G/L account to include in the budget and click the “Account Details” button at the bottom left of the Chart of Accounts window
  • Check the “Relevant to Budget” box in the “G/L Account Details” window to include it on the budget utility tool
  • Budgets can only be set at the active account level (i.e. level 4)


Step 2 – Open an existing or load a new budget; Utilities>Budget Utility

  • Open the Budget Utility in Excel and go to the “Orchestrated Budget Utility” tab
  • On this tab there are general instructions available to assist setup and use
  • Click the “Orchestrated Budget” button on the Home ribbon and choose whether to load an existing budget or create a new budget
  • The budget parameter is based on a full year, but you don’t have to fill out every month

Step 3 – Working with Budgets

  • Upon opening or creating a new budget, you will find your GL accounts marked ‘Budget Relevant’ populate within the form along with the Division Segment and a column for each segment
  • On the “BudgetData” tab, enter the budget for each account as needed; the amounts entered will automatically sum up in the “Budget Totals” column
  • To save your budget, open the ‘Orchestrated Budget’ window and click the “Save Budget” tab. Give your budget a name, fiscal year, and project (if applicable) and press the “Send Budget to Orchestrated” button

There are several reports available to view your budgets which you can find at Financials>Financial Reports>Budget Reports


Common Questions: 

How do I create a new Demand Forecast year?

 If the 2018 Budget Year is not listed in the drop down selection of the Orchestrated Budget selection, this is because you have to manually type "2018" in order to create a new Orchestrated Budget Year.



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