Run the TTB Brewer's Report of Operations


After configuring your TTB Brewers Report of Operations using the steps on this page, you are ready to run the report. Here are the steps to do that:


Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Production>Production Reports>TTB Reporting to open the TTB Report in Excel
  2. The report will open with the Excise Tax Return first. To generate the TTB, go to Report Generation and Create Report of Operations. (NOTE: This is the same area where you generate your Excise Tax, but the TTB BRO still must be ran first)Run_The_TTB_Brewer_s_Report_Of_Operations.jpg
  3. Fill in your Brewing Location and Proprietorship information and click "Populate Grid"
  4. Fill in your Start and End date as well as your report type to either Monthly or Quarterly (reflecting your date ranges)
  5. Click "Create"  to generate your TTB report
  6. Once Generated you can drill into the details of the cells by double clicking on them.


 A downloadable PDF can be found attached below:





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