The TTB Brewer's Report of Operations is the primary tax filing report filed by breweries. It consists of two parts, the first is the Report of Operations, which outlines production at a brewery for a given period. the 2nd is the Federal Excise tax. This page will walk you through the setup required to enable you to run the report. There are four main things that need to be configured before your TTB report will run.


1) Proprietorship & Entity Setup

Navigate to Administration → Setup →Inventory → TTB Proprietorship




An Orchestrated proprietor is the highest level of grouping in relation to your TTB Report.  For example, if your brewery contains an alternating proprietorship component, then you would have one proprietorship setup for your brewery, and another for each of your alternating partners.

Even if your brewery does not operate with an alternating proprietorship, breweries will often setup a secondary proprietorship for their alternate ventures such as spirits, cider, and wine, in order to isolate those transactions from their standard beer reports.



Entities are designed for the next tier of reporting.  Entities are also linked to the 'Locations' within Orchestrated.  Most common use would be one entity for your main brewery tied to a specific location, and a second entity tied to a taproom that reports separately from your main brewery.

 You will need to have at least one entity per proprietorship for each BR# that you file the TTB report for. 



TIP: When setting the location, click the magnifying glass to bring up the list.


2) Warehouse Location & Tax Determination Review

Navigate to Administration → Setup → Inventory → Warehouses

  1. Verify that your existing tanks and warehouses are set to their appropriate location. By default everything is set to Brewery #1
  2. Verify that Tax Determination is set to N for everything but your tasting room.  If the secondary window on the right of Warehouses - Setup is not visible, please select View > User Defined Fields, from the Orchestrated toolbar


3) Associate Proprietorship to Brands Master Data and TTB Group to Item Master Data

Every item within Orchestrated must be associated with an appropriate TTB Group. That sounds really scary, especially if you have hundreds of items within the system. Because of this, we have built a setup tool within the TTB Report to make doing these updates easy.

  1. Navigate to Production → Production Reports →  TTB Reporting
  2. Once the report has loaded, click Data Audit Options → Open TTB Setup WorkbookTTB_BRO_Setup.jpg
  3. After the TTB Setup Workbook loads, it will open the "Item Mgmt" tab. Click Worksheet Options → Refresh Data to pull in your Item dataTTB_BRO_Setup_2.jpg
  4. Fill in the Brand, Pack Size, and TTB Group/Account field for all items that need to be included on your TTB report
  5. When you are ready to submit your changes, click the Process Changes button in the toolbar to apply the changes to your databaseTTB_BRO_Setup_3.jpg
  6. Switch to the "Beer Brand Mgmt" tab at the bottom of the Excel file
  7. Click Worksheet Options → Refresh Data to pull in your Brand data
  8. Set the correct TTB Proprietorship for each Brand
  9. When you are ready to submit your changes, click the Process Changes button in the toolbar to apply the changes to your database

TIP #1: If you setup filters within the workbook, you can filter for a particular Item Group, then select TTB Grouping for that Item Group and do a fill down in Excel.
TIP #2: You can use the same filtering to find items without either brand, pack size or TTB grouping. Select the filter for one of those, and uncheck everything but "Blanks"


4) Run your TTB Report!

Your TTB report is now configured and ready to run! You can refer to this help page for instructions on how to run the report: Run the TTB Brewer's Report of Operations






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