Item Production Activity Summary

Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Item Production Activity Summary

List of produced items with quantity produced variance, grouped by Item group


Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module: Production > Production Reports > Orchestrated Reports

Reports Module: Reports > Production > Orchestrated Reports

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Brewery or Distillery Managers would use this to review recent production and particularly the planned production quantity vs. the actual quantity produced.


Key Requirements

Every production item should be assigned to a brand.

Each item to be listed in this report requires the Procurement Method to be set to Make within the Planning Data tab of the Item Master.


Parameter Entry Options


Starting and Ending dates 
Sort by: (Choose Item groups or Brand)


Item group 


Parameter Entry Image



Report Sample








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    Lonerider Standard Support User

    It would be extremely helpful to add a subtotal per group and a total at the bottom of the report. This report can then be used to quickly reference period production for display measure other than Inventory UoM (BBL's, GAL's, L's, HL's, and CE''s).