Business Partner Audit

Report Summary

Printed Report Title:  Business Partner Key Data Audit

Audit style report looks at key data fields in the Business Partner master data to see what important fields might be incomplete or missing. 

The main report flags missing data and there is an on-demand sub-report that can be run for any BP that will show the current values in all key fields.


Default Location In Orchestrated

Business Partner > Business Partner Reports > Orchestrated Reports

Reports > Business Partner > Orchestrated Reports

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used by

Sales Managers and Materials Managers would typically run this on a periodic basis to identify where key data may be missing from the Business Partner Master data.

Key Requirements

The Properties tab audit data will show the first 21 customer defined properties


Be sure to select at least one BP Master Data Tab or the report will only contain the BP names

Parameter Entry Options


Enter BP Types (Choose Customers, Vendors, or Both) 



Select BP Groups: 
Select BP's: 
Select Buyer / Salesperson 

Choose Which Tabs to audit: (select 1 or more) 
General Tab 
Payment Tab 
Payment Run Tab 
Accounting Tab 
Properties Tab

Parameter Entry Image



Main Report Sample Image  (2 tabs selected to audit)


On-Demand Sub-Report Sample




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