International Shipment Details by Date

Report Summary

Printed Report Title: International Shipment Details by Date

Separate report for each country with document reference, Business Partner and volume shipped for a selected date range. Volume is displayed in units, BBLs, gallons and liters.

May be sorted by Brand or Business Partner

Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module:  Sales - A/R > Sales Reports > Orchestrated Reports > Taxable Shipments

Reports Module:  Reports > Sales and Purchasing > Orchestrated Reports (1) > Taxable Shipments

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.

Typically Used by

Used by sales staff and also for summarizing information needed for regulatory compliance

Key Requirements

Need to have accurate pack type conversions

All items need to be assigned to a Brand 

Parameter Entry Options


Starting and Ending dates 
Item Groups(s) 
Sort By: (Choose Brand or Business Partner)



Select Brand(s)

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