Container Activity by Pack Owner


Printed Report Title: Container Activity by Pack Owner

All container shipments listed by Business Partner with document, date and quantity


Default Location in Orchestra

Base Module:  Sales - A/R > Sales Reports > Orchestrated Reports > Container Tracking

Reports Module:  Reports > Sales and Purchasing > Orchestrated Reports (1) > Container Tracking

*These are the standard default locations. Your locations may be different.


Typically Used By

Shipping & Receiving and Materials/Procurement use this to track containers coming in and out.

May also be used by Compliance Officers for various regulatory reporting requirements

(Also see Report: Keg Container and Deposit Activity)


Key Requirements

All finished goods items sales items must have a valid: Brand and pack type assigned.


Parameters Assigned 


Starting and Ending dates




Select Item Groups

Select Business Partner Groups 

Parameter Entry Image


Report Sample Image  








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