Quick Start: How To Use PrivNote


When sending sensitive information, it's important to use a process that is secured so that unauthorized users won't have access to that information. A password reset request is a good example of when PrivNote should be used.

To support the security of our customers, Orchestra Consultants use PrivNote to create a secure exchange of private information. Consultants will either ask you to send in your desired password, or provide you with a new one, using PrivNote.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to
  2. Write your information in the yellow box
  3. Click 'Create Note' (You also have the option of checking the setting to 'Notify me when this notes get read')
  4. PrivNote will then create a link which you can send to your consultant

Note: You can only view a note once. After that, the link will be destroyed and you will no longer have access to the information contained in it. If you still need the information, you'll need to send in a request for a new note.





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