Quick Start: How To Credit A Business Partner Without Bringing Inventory Back Into Stock


In the normal course of business, you sometimes may have to issue a credit to a customer to correct an item on the A/P Invoice. However, you may wish not to have this return back into inventory (e.g. you decide to let the customer keep the product).


Step by Step Guide

To do this within your database, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Invoice to a Credit Memo
  2. Or, open the Credit Memo and fill out the Business Partner receiving the credit and add the items you're crediting them for (and how many of each). 
  3. Then bring up Form Settings
  4. Find the column named 'Without Qty Posting' and check the box labeled "Visible"
  5. You'll see an additional column called Without Qty Posting on your Credit Memo. You can check that box for the line items you don't want to return back into stock
  6. Ensure the amount to credit is correct and 'Add'
  7. If you created a new Credit Memo from scratch, you can reconcile that credit against a future open invoice. 





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