Quick Start: How To Setup Minimum Inventory Levels Alert


When you conduct your business, you inevitably will run out of inventory and will need to order more. Our software has an alert available should you wish to setup a minimal level in which you need to reorder more inventory.


Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to Administration->Alerts Management and bring up all the Alert with an asterisk (*) in the name field.
  2. The one you want to find is called Minimum Stock Deviation.
  3. Then you set up which user should be contacted and if it's Internal (Alert pops up in Orchestrated) or whether they receive an E-mail (see Note below).  SMS and Fax are not set up, so these toggles don't work.
  4. Don't forget to select the "Active" checkbox in the upper left corner of this scren to activate this Alert.
  5. Finally, pull up the item under Inventory > Item Master Data which you want to setup minimums for.  Select the Inventory Tab to update the inventory levels (there are two places to set this depending if it is managed by warehouse or item level): 

    You will now receive alerts whenever inventory levels approach that number.

You will need to have your e-mail already set up for that user if you wish to send out e-mail alerts. This tutorial will show you where to go to set that up: Quick Start: How To Setup A New User



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