Bright Tank Data

The below video will show you how and where to enter bright tank QC data:


A one stop shop location for entering your bright tank QC data.


Part of the OBeer Lab module, the Bright Tank Data window allows the user to input various QC matrices related to just the bright tank. Fields such as DO Level, Carb Level or CO Pressures in all your bright tanks are easily accessible in this window.

Details / How-To

  1. Navigate to OBeer Advanced QC → Cellar Reports → Bright Tank Data

  2. Begin with Inputting the Date, Time, and Initials

  3. Now you are free to enter tank Temp, Set Points, PSI, DO Level, CO2 Pressure, Carb Levels, Barrels in the tank and Notes for each of your bright tanks.

  4. Use the historical data tab to pull historical data.




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