Backtrace Batches


Trace your product through the production life, from wort through finished good and back.


Backtrace Batches provides traceability into batches moving forwards in time from raw materials through to finished goods, or backwards in time from finished goods back to raw material. The results are exportable to Excel. Functionality like blending and locations are fully supported. Backtrace Batches is a straightforward web application that opens directly from Orchestrated.

Details / How-To

  1. Navigate to Production → Batch Backtraces, or use the Search bar for menus and type in 'Backtrace Batches'

  2. Depending on your starting point for tracing, you'll select one of the two toggles at the Top. To trace starting at a finished good, then choose Finished to Raw. To trace starting at a raw material, then choose Raw to Finished. You'll also need to enter in the Batch ID and Item Code before clicking Submit. 
  3. Once all details have been entered at the Top, click Submit. Once the results have populated (confirming the system found valid data), you can click Export to Excel.




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