The Scheduler is a dynamic real-time tool that visualizes all your production and sales/purchases on a calendar.


Move PdOs Connected by MPN



The Scheduler is used to view and interact with your production orders, purchase orders, and sales orders. It can also be accessed from all production worksheets.


Auto-Expand Month View

By Default, the Scheduler will shrink the cells in the Month View to fit on your monitor. In some cases, this can cause some of your orders to not be displayed until you click the triangle in the bottom-right corner to expand the day. If you would like to display all events by default even if they don't all fit on your monitor at the same time, you can right-click in any blank space and select "View Settings>Auto Expand Month View".


Check Sales ATP

You can use the Scheduler to check your available quantities for planned Sales Orders to verify that you will have enough product in stock to fulfill your customers requests. This can be done by right-clicking in the blank space on the Scheduler and selecting "Check Sales ATP". The Scheduler will go through each Sales Order in your current view and verify that you have enough of each item in stock. Sales Orders that exceed your Available to Promise will be highlighted in red so you can check them and make adjustments as necessary





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    This would be perfect if you could color code by brand! That's how our current scheduling spreadsheet is set up and it works really well.


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