Repackaging a Finished Good


This article will walk you through how to split a finished good to be repackaged as a different finished good.


Step by Step Guide

 The best way to handle this is to use a Production Order. Here are the steps to repackage a finished good using a Production Order:

  1. Go to Production>Production Order
  2. Enter the item number you are producing in the header
  3. In the components, change your liquid item to the item that you are removing from stock
  4. The Planned Quantities will default to a 1-to-1 ratio. Update the Planned Quantities to match what you are actually going to issue and receive.
  5. Add the Production Order
  6. Process the PdO the same way you would do any other production


In this picture, a 1/2 BBL keg of Amber Ale is turning into three 1/6 BBLs


In this picture one case of 12 x 750ml Bottles of American Whiskey turning into two cases of 6 x 750ml bottles of American Whiskey:







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