Create Production Procedure


Ever wonder how to populate the Production Procedure matrix on the Brew Sheet? Follow the instructions below and you will soon find out!


To Access the Production Procedure setup go to one of the following locations:

  1. Production > Production Forms > Production Procedure
  2. Open a Wort BOM and click the Production Procedure


Details / How-To

  1. Select the wort item that you want to define production procedures for

  2. Fill in the Step Name, Description and timing.

  3. To add a new row of instruction you need to click the Add Row button

  4. To delete a row from the set steps you need to select that row and then click the Remove Row button

  5. To reorder your steps select a step and then click the up or down arrow buttons to move that row accordingly.

  6. When you are ready to save your changes click Update or Add

Now your Procedure steps will show on the Brew Sheet when a production order for that item is selected!





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