Brewing Worksheet


Brew Sheet is the primary screen used by the brewers to view and process production orders for brewing. It displays all Production Orders within the selected time frame and status chosen at the top, making it easy to view everything that has been or needs to be processed.



On the top right of the Brew Sheet screen, you can now select to view PdOs with different statuses. The options are:

    • Planned - displays PdOs with status of "Planned" only
    • Released - displays PdOs with status of "Released" only
    • Closed - displays PdOs with status of "Closed" only
    • Planned/Released - displays PdOs with status of either "Planned" or "Released"
    • All - displays all PdOs regardless of status

PdO Selector section

    • S
      • The column S represents the status of the Prod Order
      • R = Released, P = Planned, C = Closed
    • Batch
      • The Batch column displays the batch number assigned to the prod order in advance by the PdO Creation Wizard
      • See the section on batches in OBeer for more information on how to set the batch in advance
    • MPN
      • The MPN column is the Master Production Number
      • The MPN is either set on the PdO Creation Wizard or can be assigned on the MPN Assignment Screen
      • See the sections on Master Production Numbers in OBeer for more information on these topics

Yeast Fields

    • Yeast ID - Batch number of the beer being used as a source of yeast
    • Yeast Crop - ID number assigned to the yeast batch when initially created
    • Yeast Qty - Qty input by user on Yeast Selection window when assigning yeast
    • Yeast Tank - tank the beer is in that is being used as a source of yeast
    • Yeast Gen - number of times a crop of yeast has been cycled through the system

For more information on Yeast, please click this link: Yeast Management

Screenshot of New Fields on Brew Sheet

Dynamic Timing

There is now section of the Brew Sheet panel called "Timing" with a button labeled "Adjust". The Adjust Timing button is the control for the new Dynamic Timing feature in OBeer. For more information on how Dynamic Timing works, please click here: Dynamic Timing




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