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BoM Versions is the perfect way to keep track of different recipes by location or size of batch, experimental variations you’re trying out on the classics, or tracking items that are swapped out regularly. You can even have multiple, active versions of BoMs for the same item.  Let’s dive in and show you how it works.

Note: The following only applies to items with more than one version of the same Bill of Materials.



There’s a few convenient ways to view, edit or apply BoM versions in Orchestrated – through the Bill of Materials document, directly on a Production Order, or while planning new orders in the PdO Creation Wizard.


Bill of Materials

When first opening the BoM for an item, the recipe that first appears is the Active version – the last version that was applied and the default when creating new PdOs. However, when maintaining multiple versions of the same Bill of Materials, you will always click into the Versions button of the BoM to review/make changes/add new versions.

So before making any changes to an active Bill of Materials, click Versions at the Bottom to get started.  Once viewing the Select From List of versions (above):

  • To create a new version:
  • Before making any edits, click the Versions button at the Bottom of the Bill of Materials to open existing versions, select the row of the version to be used as your template, then click Apply, make your one or two changes, then follow the steps in a) right above.
  • To edit an existing version (but maintain the same version name):
  • On the Select from List dialog click the drill-in arrow for the version to edit. Make your adjustments (use the Quantity column to edit an item’s quantity) and click Update. To use the new, updated version click Apply.
  • To change default version of the BoM:
  • Select the row of the version to switch to and click Apply.
  • To delete a version:
  • Click the drill-in arrow for the version, then right-click in the header area of the BoM and click Remove then Yes. The next time you open BoM versions for that item the deleted version will be gone.

Note: If you make edits to the Active version of a BoM without creating a new version you’ll receive the pop-up message ‘You have not saved the Active version of your BoM. Would you like to do so now?’ – click Proceed and save the version, allowing you to now switch to another version.


PdO Creation Wizard

When creating new PdOs for a production run via the PdO Creation Wizard there’s a dropdown field, BoM Version, to designate which version of a BoM should be used. As a default you can select the 0 – Active option.

The different details within each version will then determine which items are consumed, which warehouse they pull from, which tank or brewhouse they’re produced into, and any other detail on the BoM. At each page of the PdO Creation Wizard though you can still update the version if necessary, it remains an editable field.


Production Order

If you ever need to edit the version used on a specific production order – perhaps you ran out of Fuggle hops and need to switch to your recipe that uses Palisade hops instead – you can open the PdO and click the drop-down BoM Version to select the alternate variation of the recipe previously created.  Once selected the PdO will automatically update to the default materials consumed, then click Update to finalize the change.





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