Master Production Numbers - Overview


All documents in Orchestrated have unique document numbers, including production orders. However, we want to be able to link multiple production orders to the same "run", including multiple turns of Wort, a Green Beer, Bright Beer, and multiple Packaging orders. The Master Production Number links all these steps in the production flow together by assigning them a single number that spans multiple documents.


There are many things we want to do in OBeer that require multiple production orders to be linked together. This includes some of the following examples:

    • Linking QC data across multiple production orders
    • Adjusting production dates on Scheduler based on the change of another associated PdO
    • Adjusting Timing of PdOs based on a change to an associated PdO
    • Linking Packaging PdOs together that use the same Bright Tank
    • etc.

All these scenarios require that OBeer have a linkage across multiple Production Orders, so we create a new document number that is not specific to a single document. It is, in effect, the opposite of a normal document number, because it is not unique. It is designed to be used on multiple documents, to link them together for the purposes outlined above.


Primarily, the Master Production Number gets assigned by the PdO Creation Wizard when you use the new Build Production Run function. This function allows you to enter a final product at any step (bright, green, etc.) and have OBeer trace back and fill out the PdO Creation Wizard for you based on BOMs and lead times. When the Creation Wizard does the linkage, it automatically assigns the production orders the next Master Production Number available.

If you do not utilize the Build Production Run feature of the PdO Creation Wizard, you can also assign your MPNs manually using the Master Production Assignment screen.

For more information, click: Master Production Numbers - Assignment


OBeer keeps track of your MPNs by automatically adding it to the Prod Orders created by the Build Production Run functionality. The system keeps track by storing the Next MPN in a field on the OBeer Setup table. For more information on the Setup table click this link: OBeer System/CO Setup  

When you use a MPN, OBeer automatically increments the Next MPN field by 1. If you have a problem and need to reset it, or want to start at a different number than 1, you can edit the Next MPN in the field on the System/Co Setup windo.





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