Adjust Recipes for Alpha Acids (Hops)


How do I adjust my recipe to reflect the different acidity levels in each batch of hops?


The recipes will not calibrate for specific alpha acid contents. With that said, there will have to be separate items set up for each hop containing different alpha acid levels if you want to keep track of them in inventory. This will mean that the BoMs will also need to be changed. There are two options for the BoMs. You can either put your most commonly used hop/alpha acid level into your recipe and just adjust it when it is different. Your other option is to put a phantom item into the recipe instead of a specific alpha acid level for that hop. This option will force you to choose one of the different acid levels for that hop before being able to create a production order.  To make an item a "phantom item", you go into the item master data. Find the item you want to "phantomize". Once you're in the desired item data click on the General tab of the window there will be a checkbox on the right hand side that allows you to check it as a phantom item.



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