Warehouse Assignment Wizard

A simple tool to assign a new warehouse to multiple items



The warehouse assignment wizard takes the hassle of associated a large amount of items to a new warehouse (tank) and replaces it with an easy-to-use interface. 


  1. Navigate to Inventory → Warehouse Assignment Wizard
  2. Click in the Warehouse Code field, click on the   to bring up a list of warehouses. Press the  button to create a new warehouse or tank. 
    Follow the instructions here to create a new warehouse or duplicate a previous one.
  3. Once the new warehouse has been created, you must now associate items to it so they can be used in production orders. On the right hand side, put the new warehouse code in the Warehouse Code section.
  4. To assign all of the items, double click on the far-left column then  this moves the selected items into the Associate Items column.
  5. Click the   button to save the warehouses to the items.









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