Item Converter


The Item Converter is intended to allow you to convert something such as a case of product into single bottles. It removes the selected item out of inventory at its current value and replaces it with the selected item at the same value.



The Item Converter is located: Inventory > Item Converter*

*You need to have the Orchestrated Add-On running for this functionality.

  1. Select the date that the conversion occurred.
  2. On the Source Item side: Select the item you are converting
  3. Select the warehouse the item is coming out of.
  4. Indicate the quantity that was converted into a new item.
  5. On the Destination Item side: Select the Item you are bringing into stock
  6. Once an item is selected the Factor field appears.
    1. The Factor is being pulled by the Purchasing Factor on the Item Master Data of the Destination item. This will be adjusted in a future version so that you can determine your conversion rate without that field having to be set.
  7. Select the warehouse the new item is coming into.
  8. Click Convert.

The Batch Number Selection screen will then pop up.

  1. Select the batch of the item you are removing from inventory and converting into a new item
  2. Click the Update and then OK button

You will now be brought back to the Goods Issue screen.

  1. Click the Add Button

You will be asked if you want to continue with adding the Goods Issue

  1. Click Yes


You will be brought back to a blank Goods Issue

  1. Click Cancel to close out of the Goods Issue 

Now a Batches Setup window will automatically open with a System Message Box. The System Message box will only open if you already have that item in inventory with the batch number of the item you just removed.

  1. If you would like to move forward with adding that item with the same batch number as the item you removed from inventory then click Yes

 Then you will get a new message asking if you want to continue with adding the converted items into inventory.

  1. Click Yes


You will then be brought back to the Item Converter. Your converted items have been removed and added successfully.

  1. Click Cancel to close out of the Item Converter. 





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