Inventory in Warehouse Report (System)


This report is very beneficial when it comes to determining which inventory items are located in each warehouse in your database.

For this example, we are going with a scenario where a group of warehoused items (malt, in this case) are located in the wrong warehouse.  We wish to move these to the correct warehouse so we will process an Inventory in Warehouse Report to determine which ones are incorrect, then process an Inventory Transfer to correct it.  

Step-by-step guide

1. In order to determine which inventory items (in this case malts) exist in which warehouses of the database, we want to run the Inventory In Warehouse Report.  

2. This can be found under Inventory > Inventory Reports > Inventory in Warehouse Report.  

3. For this particular case (malt items in the wrong warehouse), we want to choose "RM: Malt" for the Item Group.  We want to select "Hide Items with No Quantity in Stock" to avoid pulling every warehouse (whether or not malt is in it), and then we click "OK" to process the report.

4. This report then displays the data we were looking for and lets us know where all malts are being held throughout all warehouses in the database.

5. We can resolve this issue by simply processing an Inventory Transfer.  See Inventory Transfers for instructions on how to process one.

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