Inventory Counting & Posting

Inventory Count documents are used to display/confirm the inventories as of a specific chosen date in Orchestrated.  Once counted, they can then be copied to an Inventory Posting sheet to reconcile any variances. 

The following video will show how to perform inventory counts and postings in Orchestrated Software:

A downloadable PDF version can be found here:

Inventory Counting and Posting

Inventory Count by Batch


Inventory Module > Inventory Transactions > Inventory Counting Transactions

Two step process

  1. Count First
  2. Then Post | This is recommended to be done by someone who wasn't the counter, typically an accounting/finance user.





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    Funkwerks Standard User [SUSPENDED]

    In reviewing the inventory counts and why some of the numbers were so far off, I dove down into some of the items to find errors in Production Orders and Purchases. I went back to make the fixes and my ending inventory should have changed but I cannot figure how to update that in the "Inventory Counting" sheet. The ending does not reflect my changes even though I agreed to the popup window that allows changes.

    So to summarize my there a way to refresh the Inventory Counting window?

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    Orchestra Support

    One other thing you can try is changing the "Count Date" on your Inventory Count, clicking Update, and then changing it back and clicking Update again. This will force the system to recalculate the quantities for the "new" date and then calculate the quantities for your original date again.

    This is what is supposed to happen when you say yes to the pop-up window, but in some cases I have seen issues where the counts don't actually change.


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    Kane Standard Support User

    While counting our inventory, we found more kegs than are available quantity in the main warehouse of Obeer. Is it possible to add kegs during your counting?

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    Tim Twining

    What situations would arise if we cannot "create" a batch in the inventory posting sheet? We are 2 kegs short of a certain brand and the "create" button is greyed out on the batch selection screen so we are unable to post our count.

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    Bob Anderson

    I realize this is an older article, however the following links are broken:
    Inventory Counting and Posting
    Inventory Count by Batch