Auto-Select All


‘Auto-Select All’ is functionality developed to help in the batch selection process by selecting the oldest batch in the system automatically for the user on any form that requires batch selection. 


Auto-Select All automatically chooses the oldest batch or the only batch when activated. This is controlled at the warehouse and company level, meaning if you don’t want a specific warehouse, you can have it skip over that warehouse! You can also disable the feature entirely at the company level. To add to the flexibility, the button also lets you select whether you want to Auto-Select All or run it the old fashion way and Auto-Select at the line level

Details / How-To

Auto-Select All comes preconfigured. There are additional fields at the company level & the warehouse level to turn the functionality off.

  • In the Setup table, (Tools → User-Defined Windows → ORC_BE_SETUP), scroll all the way to the right, uncheck Enable Auto-Select All Batch
  • Within the warehouse (Setup → Inventory → Warehouses; show the user-defined fields.) Change Enable Auto-Select All Batch from Y to N (Y is default)





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