Chart of Accounts List

Report Summary

Printed Report Title: Chart of Accounts

A simple list of the full chart of accounts. 

A downloadable PDF can be found here:

Chart of Accounts List Full

Chart of Accounts List Limited

Default Location In Orchestrated

Base Module: Orchestrated Reports → Financial Reports


Typically Used by

Owners and Controllers to get a list of the chart of accounts to give to auditors, personnel, and stakeholders or to get a quick current account balance view.


Key Requirements

No specific requirements are needed to run this report. 


  • Select "Hide Inactive Accounts" or "Hide Accounts with $0 Balance" to shorten the report 

Parameter Entry Options


  • Show Current Totals
  • Show Account Codes
  • Enter Display Level (1 - 4)



  • Hide Inactive Accounts
  • Hide Confidential Accounts
  • Hide Accounts with $0 Balance

Parameter Entry Image



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    Fair State Standard Support User

    The correct pathway is Financials > Financial Reports > Orchestrated Reports > Chart of Accounts List.