Managing Keg Shells

The video below covers how to manage keg shells in regards to purchasing new keg shells & bringing them into stock, processing Keg Returns from customers and discuss difference between keg shell inventory and deposits/credits.


A downloadable PDF version can be found here: Keg Deposits


Keg Shells are an Inventory Item and should always be processed at $0 as their dollar value is managed separately on a fixed asset GL account.  Add "Keg Shells" to your chosen BOMs for Packaging Production Orders.  As you complete Production Orders, you will see a constant depletion of keg shells from inventory.  When you receive a keg return from a customer, distributor, etc, you should also be posting a Goods Receipt for the Qty of keg shells being returned (the price should be $0).  This will bring shells back into stock to be used in the packaging process.  Keg deposits and keg credits are separate items that show up as line items on an invoice.





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