Write Checks to Expense Accounts


If you are cutting manual checks to some one that is not a customer or vendor, you typically need to post the check against one or more expense accounts.


Step-by-step guide

Here is the process

  1. Open the Outgoing Payments screen under Banking > Outgoing Payments > Outgoing Payments
  2. Check the radio button for "Account"
    1. This tells the system you are doing a check against a GL Account instead of a vendor or customer
  3. Fill out the "To Order of" info for the check
    1. typically the person you are writing the check to
  4. Fill out the "Pay To" information for the Check
    1. typically the address of the check recipient
  5. Set the posting date of the check on the top right corner
  6. Select the expense account you want to offset the check against
  7. Input the amount
    1. NOTE: if you want to offset the check to multiple accounts, repeat the steps 6 & 7 on the second row
    2. You can offset the total amount of the check to one or many GL accounts
  8. Now you need to post the "Payment Means" - which is the method the outgoing payment is being posted
    1. In this case we're doing a check
  9. To open Payment Means: you can right+click and select payment means OR click the money bags icon on the toolbar
  10. Go to the Check Tab
  11. Enter the amount of the check in the Amount column
  12. NOTE: if you cut this check manually from your checkbook, you will need to check the box for "manual" and then input the check number
  13. NOTE: if you need to print this check via Orchestarted, then leave the "Manual" box unchecked
    1. this tells the system you will print the check in the next step
  14. Click OK to go back to the Outgoing Payment screen
  15. Click Add on the Outgoing Payment

This will post an Outgoing Payment that hits the checking account and offsets the total to the GL Accounts that you selected on the row.

This will also queue up a "Check for Payment" to be printed using the Document Printing screen.
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