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When sending an e-mail in Orchestrated, the Users list in the "Add Recipient" window does not include the user account that you are currently logged in to, so there are some extra steps you need to do before you can send e-mails to yourself. This page will show you 3 different ways to do this.

Step-by-step guide

Method #1:

  1. Open the document that you would like to send

  2. Click the E-Mail button on the toolbar to bring up the Send Message window

  3. Right click on the "#" at the top of the recipient table
  4. Choose "Add Row"
  5. Enter your name in the To field, check the box for E-Mail, and enter your E-Mail Address
  6. Click Send

This method is good if you don't need to send e-mails to yourself very often. If you are going to be sending e-mails more frequently, then one of the other 2 options will be better.


Method #2:

You can create a Distribution List with just your e-mail address. This page will show you how to do that: Create an Email Distribution list

This method allows you to easily bring up your e-mail address when sending e-mails with minimal setup work.


Method #3

NOTE: This method not available in OnDemand environment

  1. Go to Administration>Setup>General>Users
  2. Verify that you are in Add mode (The button in the bottom left corner will say "Add")
    1. If you are not in Add Mode, you can press Ctrl+A to change to Add Mode
    2. You can also click the Add Mode button on the toolbar. It is a Page with a red dot, to the left of the Green Arrows
  3. Enter a new user code. This will usually be E-*your regular username*, for example if Joe Smith is JS01, then he would use E-JS01
  4. Enter your Name and E-Mail address
  5. Click Add
  6. Now when sending an e-mail, your name will show up under "Users" in the Add Recipient window

This user account will only be used for sending e-mails, so you do not need to set a password or do any of the other new user setup steps. This method allows you to select yourself and your coworkers without having to go into different tabs on the Add Recipient screen, but does take a little more work than #2 to get set up.





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