How To Print Checks


After you have entered Outgoing Payments into your system, these are the steps to print the actual checks that you will send to your Vendors:

NOTE: You will need to have a check layout set up to match your banks check stock before printing checks. You can reach out to your Implementation Consultant or log a Support ticket to get help setting up your layout.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to Banking>Document Printing
  2. Set the Document Type to "Checks for Payment" and then select your Bank Account from the drop-down menus
    1. You can enter filters for Posting Date, Vendor, etc to narrow down the available checks if needed
    2. You can change the "Print Checks" drop-down menu to "For Reissuing" to re-print checks that have already been printed
  3. Verify that the "Next Check No." field is correct and select which checks you would like to print.
  4. After the checks print, you will get a Check Number Confirmation window.
  5. Verify that each check printed correctly and each number was properly assigned.
    1. If a check was assigned the wrong number, you can change it on this screen.
    2. This screen can also be accessed by going to Banking>Check Number Confirmation if you need to reopen it for any reason.
    3. Once all of the checks are set to the correct status, click Update to finalize the checks






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