License Allocations


You want to find how what licenses are currently being utilized by what users on your database. Furthermore, you want to know how many licenses you have and what is available.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Administration->License->License Administration
  2. On the Company tab, you will see the user code under the Users column. Click on the User and the box to the right, B1 User Type Licenses, and the boxes that are checked under the Used column is what the user currently has assigned to them
  3. On the Components tab, you can click on the license type in the License Components column and it will show you your Total Number you have and the Available Licenses left.
  4. On the Assignment tab, you can see a grid-view of your users and the license associated to that user as well as the type and total assigned.


Orchestrated Production Licenses (Enterprise & On Premise Customers Only):

By default, all users should have a Orchestrated Core License so they can access the common functions such as the utilities. However, if you are a OSpirits or OBeer Production user, then your superuser (administrator for your licenses), needs to give your user an additional Production license (you must have purchase one first before it's available).

You can use the following steps to assign/unassigned Orchestrated Production licenses (The add-on must be running first).

  1. Go to Administration->License->License Administration->Orchestrated Licensing
  2. Find the user you want to add or remove a license for
  3. On the right will be a check-box that allows you add and remove your licenses (the bottom will show you how many you have assigned and available as well as the total)




Note:If you don't know which user has which user code, go to Administration->Setup->General->Users, switch to Find mode (CTRL +F), type in an asterisk, *, and it will bring up a list of your users. You can select the user code and it will show you the user name you have setup for that user.





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