Form Settings


The Modules tab contains lists of the menus available within your database. The system provides you with the ability to hide some of the options that you don't use as well as bring additional settings into view on specific documents.

Step-by-Step Guide

Menu Form Settings

  1. Without any active windows, press the Form Settings button on your top menu bar
  2. In the Form Settings - Main Menu window, you can check or uncheck the box in the Visible column (expand the menu with the black triangle to set visibility for sub-menu features such as A/R in Sales) to adjust what menu is shown on the Modules tab
  3. When finished, press Update on the window

Document Form Settings

  1. Bring up your desired document (e.g. A/R Invoice, Delivery, Sales Order, etc.)
  2. Click on Form Settings button on the top of your menu bar
  3. Switch between the Table Format and Row Format tabs to check or uncheck the box in the Visible column to adjust what is shown on the document
  4. When finished press Update on the window


  • These changes are user-specific; you will have to be logged onto the user you wish to make these changes for
  • You can click on the column name (i.e. Visible) to check or uncheck all. This is useful if you are missing an option and/or want simply just give yourself access to everything.





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