Bill of Materials - Overview


Many businesses require production during their normal course of operations. The Bill of Materials (BoM) allows you to create a production order for a item that will use the BoM to bring in other raw materials to produce that product. This will show you the basic setup for BoM. Step-by-step guide

Step-by-step guide

  1. First create your final, completed item in the Item Master Data in Inventory->Item Master Data (or alternatively, find your item that needs a BoM)
  2. After setting up your Item Master Data, you will right click on the window and click on Bill of Materials
  3. From the new window, you can add the raw materials required to produce the item (the raw materials must also be already setup in the Item Master Data)
    1. Select the BOM Type you desire to reflect what type of BoM you are trying to setup
    2. The Batch Size will dictate how much is produced from your BoM using the raw materials
    3. The Quantity is how much is used to make this item

Now when you make a production order and use the Item, it will automatically pull in all the necessary raw materials for that production.



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