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The Packaging Worksheet is the primary screen used by the packaging staff to view and process production orders for finished goods.  But what about all the buttons, filters, and columns?  We'll break all of those down for you too, along with some tips and tricks on getting the most when you're using this helpful tool.

This sheet provides a centralized view into the data needed to process packaging production orders. You can view all your liquid in your packaging (or bright) tanks ready to be packaged, as well as see all the planned production orders for finished goods within a defined time frame. Most customers will process packaging PdOs using the Express button in the Top Left, but the former option to use separate Goods Issue and Receipts are also available.


Header Filter Options


  • Switch between different production facilities/equipment
  • This controls both the warehouses/tanks and production orders viewed on the worksheet
  • Each user has a default location set to pre-populate this dropdown


  • Planned  -  displays PdOs that have just been created or haven't been 'greenlit' to Released status yet
  • Released  -  displays PdOs that have been approved for packaging and switched out of a planned state
  • Closed  -  displays PdOs that have been closed, whether or not they were processed yet
  • Planned/Released  -  a typical default status set for the production worksheets, this status shows both Planned and Released PdOs. A designation between the two is in the Far Left column of the Current Production Orders section (P for Planned, R for Released)
  • All  -  shows all production orders for the date range and location defined

Start/End Date

  • The same as with Location and Status, the date range has a default range set to the current Day, current Week, or preceding Year; this setting is toggled via the Administration module > Setup > General > Orchestrated Configuration > Application Settings > Pack Sheet Default Range
  • The date range can be set back in the past or into the future, but only affects PdOs displayed in the Current Production Orders section
  • The Current Tank Status ALWAYS displays what's in the tanks at that moment.


Buttons along the Left Side

Create New

  • Click the dropdown to reveal the following documents you can create right from the Packaging Worksheet:

Production and Status Buttons

After highlighting a Production Order to the Right, you can click any of these buttons to perform the related action on the PdO.

  • Express  -  quick, convenient option to perform the Issue and Receipt processes on a PdO at the same time; the most common production order process step
  • Issue & Receipt  -  perform the depletion (Issue) and creation (Receipt) portions of a production order separately; one reason to use the separate these two steps is to allow multi-receipt (perhaps in barrel processing when not utilizing the Barrel Management Console feature yet)
  • Close  -  switch the status of the selected PdO to Close, whether or not it's been processed


Current Tank Status

Orchestrated splits the following information across the columsn of the Current Tank status section:


  • Displays every tank available for the location set in Filters; will show multiple rows for a tank if more than one batch is designated for the tank
  • Drill into the warehouse to review the location and other characteristics of the warehouse itself - do not drill in to view details for the batch of liquid in the tank

Run #

  • The Packaging Run feature associates finished goods PdOs by their MPN to streamline creation and adjustments based on bright tank splits and other characteristics. If blank the PdO was not created as part of a Packaging Run.

Item Code/Name

  • Notes the code and name of the liquid in the tank, if there is one


  • A check box to designate when a batch of liquid has been adjusted, by the addition of adjuncts or other ways.
  • Note: To easily add adjuncts to a bright tank, right-click and select Add Adjuncts, revealing the Blending & Additions screen.


  • Customers have the option to restrict which finished goods PdOs are ready for packaging, as a signal to their packaging team.


Current Production Orders section

OBeer  has additional information in the "Current Production Orders" section. This section now displays these additional columns:


- The column S represents the status of the Prod Order: R = Released, P = Planned, C = Closed


- The Batch column displays the batch number assigned to the prod order in advance by the PdO Creation Wizard

- See the section on batches in OBeer for more information on how to set the batch in advance


- The MPN column is the Master Production Number

- The MPN is either set on the PdO Creation Wizard or can be assigned on the MPN Assignment Screen

- See the sections on Master Production Numbers in OBeer  for more information on these topics


Packaging QC

You will also notice a new button the Packaging QC screen called "Packaging QC". This button launches the Packaging QC input screen. For information on this brand new feature, click here: Packaging QC

Screenshot of Fields on Packaging Sheet




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