How Do I Refresh the Cache on my Browser?

What is Cache?

Your web browser saves certain website items, such as images, buttons, icons, photos or even the entire web page, for future use.  The purpose for caching this data is to greatly increase website load times.  It's worth pointing out that some browsers refer to it's cache as Temporary Internet Files.


Why Should I Clear It?

When the website is updated in the future, these same images, buttons, icons or photos are sometimes pulled from cache rather than the updated data.  In this case, sometimes hitting refresh (or F5) isn't sufficient to update these new items. Clearing your cache regularly allows the website items to be refreshed, thus giving you the most up-to-date view of the website.


How Do I Clear My Cache?

There are several resources online that walk through how to clear your cache through various platforms (e.g. not just Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, but also Android and Apple devices).  Below are a couple of resources we recommend you use to find information on how to refresh the cache on the platform you use:


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