Financials FAQ

How Do I Enter a Journal Entry?


How Do I Enter a Journal Voucher?


How Do I Get a List of All GL Accounts in My Database?


Why Don’t the Aging Reports Match?


How Do I Lock a Period?


What Are the Best Practices for Month End Close?


What Are G/L Determinations?


What’s the Difference Between Warehouse, Item Group and Item Level G/L Determinations?

How Do I Update G/L Determinations?

How Do I Edit/Confirm GL Accounts on Item Group Levels?


How Do I Confirm That An Invoice Is Paid?


How Do I Close a Document That Is No Longer Needed?


How Do We Track Custom Bottles/Items With Unique Costing?


What Does the (CORP), (BREW), (DIST), (SYS) etc. Titles on GL Accounts Stand For?


How Do I Handle Distributor Bill Backs?


How to Edit a Recurring Posting Prior to Posting


How Do I Charge Late Fees for Unpaid Invoices? 


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