Where Do I Begin?!

Support Page

The best and first place to begin is our Support Page!

Here you will find multiple important buttons:

  • New to Orchestrated
  • Webinars
  • Module Assistance (Sales, Purchasing, Production, etc)
  • Ideas
  • Forum

While each of these locations have countless hours’ worth of information to assist you on your Orchestrated journey, the “New to Orchestrated” section is by far the best place to start!

New to Orchestrated

  • Training Videos and Manuals
  • Labs (Practice)
  • Implementation FAQs
  • Stabilization
  • Transition to Support



A great resource to find numerous Webinars answering many of our clients’ most common questions!


Module Assistance (Sales, Purchasing, Production, etc)

We have broken down a lot of support material by category to make it easier to find answers by topic!



The Ideas Portal is PARAMOUNT to us knowing what changes clients want to see.  Here at Orchestra we create software to solve your problems.  We know many of the problems you already face.  But in an ever-changing world, it’s impossible to know exactly what our clients like, dislike, or would like to see in our software without an important feedback loop like this!

If you haven’t already been to our Ideas Portal, go there now!  Stop reading this and go look at the hundreds of suggestions we’ve received from clients.  Vote on those ideas you agree with and want to see implemented.  And by all means, if you come across something that isn’t already in the portal, add it yourself!



In addition to adding suggestions on what you’d like to see, the forum is a great opportunity for clients to talk to themselves to find answers!  Although Orchestra employees answer questions in the forums as well, the majority of them are answered by other clients in a community effort to help each other out.  How do you handle distributors in your particular state?  What’s the best way to negotiate a contract (or “blanket agreement”)?  How often do you run the payment wizard?   All of these are the types of questions that clients ask each other to get another perspective on how to use the software.



We have over 200 reports in Orchestrated – far too many to go over them all.  Nor does any client use/want to use them all.  But we are constantly adding and updating these reports to better serve our clients.  Now that you have gone live and are becoming familiar with Orchestrated, more questions will rise in the near future about what reports are available.  See the Reports section below for a list of commonly used reports!

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