Best Practices: Close ALL Orders No Longer Active

When orders are entered in Orchestrated – Sales, Purchasing, or Production – the system has no choice but to assume that 100% of that order will be fulfilled and, thus, keeps the order open until it is 100% fulfilled OR manually closed.  This means if you ordered 1000 units and 900 arrive, the Purchase Order will stay open and the item will show “100” units still on back order. 

  • If this is accurate, leave the PO open until the other 100 units are received.
  • If, for whatever reason, you are not going to receive those other 100 units it is imperative that the PO is closed as soon as this is known.
    Otherwise, over time this will cause a residual to build of inaccurate data which will then make reports less accurate (and will cause increasing frustrations as individuals believe they don’t need to order more because the “Ordered” column shows they will soon have enough in stock).

To remedy all of this, you must close ALL orders (sales, purchasing AND production) in order for Orchestrated to realize that these transactions are completed. 

To close a sales or purchase order, simply pull up the document, right click and select “Close” to close the document.

For production orders, you can manually close each PdO in a similar fashion by pulling up the PdO and changing the status from “Planned” or “Released” to “Closed”.  To mass close PdOs you may use our PdO Close Wizard.

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    Chris Thibodeau

    I tried to close by switching the status...wouldn't close.
    I tried to close using the PdO Close Wizzard...wouldn't close.