Can I Create a Generic (Non-Inventory) Item and Edit the Description Per Document?

The short answer is, yes!  You can create a generic name and edit it later.  Here is a longer explanation of how/why:

We recommend creating generic descriptions whenever possible for non-inventory items to limit the number of items to create/maintain in your system.  A great example might be "Misc Brewing Supplies".  We can attach this to a non-inventory item number, X5001 for example, and then track all brewing supplies together rather than having 10-15 or even 50 items to list separately.  

For more information on how to set up a Non-Inventory Item - check out this support article:

The biggest determiner of whether to combine/split non-inventory items will be dependent on the GL account being used for expense/revenue account posting.  If all brewery supplies post to 60060-01, for example, then we should combine them on one item code.  If we need something to post to a different account, it should have a separate item number and corresponding GL account.

There is a great feature in Orchestrated which gives you the ability to add this item number to a document and edit the name for just that document.  For example, let's say we are creating a PO and enter the Item X5001 on line one:

By typing over the highlighted text with whatever text we would like and then hitting Ctrl+Tab, we can update the item name for just this document:

Note: It's crucial we use Ctrl+Tab.  If you just hit tab it will search for items titled "Brewing Gloves" and will pop up a blank search box otherwise.  

When this document is created it can be printed as usual and distributed, but when you go back to create a new PO, the original generic title will populate again:

Also worth pointing out: you can use the same item multiple times in the same document with different names, further simplifying the need to otherwise need different types of misc brewing supply items:

What this means:

We will want to come up with a list of generic non-inventory items along with the corresponding Expense or Revenue account to use when processing each item.  Adding these to an excel file with columns for item number, item name, expense/revenue GL accounts listed will suffice in allowing me to upload those to the database.

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